Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dream a Little Dream....

I dreamt last night that I was having an affair with Jason Bateman. But in my dream he was Justin Bateman. Wait. Which is it? Jason or Justin? I'm so confused.


in my dream Jason was this famous comic actor in movies and stuff (far-fetched, I know), and I was a beautiful, stunning, and skinny regular person, and he just fell head over hills in love with me. Oh, and the sex was really hot!

Seriously, brain? Jason Bateman? That's all you could come up with? There are hundreds of really, hot famous guys out there to fantasize about and my sub-conscious settles on Jason Bateman? What. The. Crap.

Ok, ok, he's kinda cute. I could do worse.

I know, I know I'm a married woman. I shouldn't be having dreams about affairs with 80's child stars, I know.

Just to set the record straight this isn't a husband-bashing blog. It may have seemed that way in my last post.

I love my husband. Really, honestly, I do. He is a very, very hard working, good man, who happens to be believe in polygamy.

What? No it's no like that.

The man is married to his job. I keep joking that if he keeps working as late as he does, he's going to have to have a futon put in his office to sleep on.
So, sometimes, my lonely subconscious needs a little TLC. Okay?

I also had a dream last night that I became an uber famous writer, just from writing my snarky little ideas on my blog. That would be sooo cool!
I could be like The Pioneer Woman, or Dooce, or Perez Hilton.

Ugh. How do people like that get so famous? I'm too poor to hire a P.R. department.

Maybe my one reader could shout out to the masses about how cool I am?


  1. You are so cool!

    Being famous is so overrated least that is what I tell myself to help me sleep. If I ever get blog famous, I will let you know if it is true. Probably won't e talking about that for a while!

    And good sex dream is a good sex dream. Take it where you can get it girl(-:

    And not a bad pick if I do say so myself...take notes subconscious !

    Melyssa (-:

  2. Oh, I'd take Jason Bateman in a heartbeat.

    Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club! I love your blog. It's making me laugh.

    Nice to met you!

  3. Shouting now!!!! :)
    You had me hooked with this one post! Love it! Look forward to coming back! I found your blog at MBC and am following you! :)

    Feel free to stop by mine (fun giveaways!)

  4. If you can't get famous famous,
    At least you can get blog famous.
    It's better than nothing :]
    And, it'll me totally cool in my opinion.

  5. I'm all for Jason Bateman -- he's yummy!

    Great blog!!