Monday, November 9, 2009

Post Secret

I've been spending a lot of time lately, reading Post Secret.

What is it about that blog? It sucks you in. Other people's secrets are so intriguing. It either makes you feel like your not alone, and that other people are going through the same thing you are, or you realize that it's really not that bad. Somebody else has it worse than you do.

I have a few secrets of my own. And since this blog is supposed to be my safe haven, I feel no qualms about sharing them here. Yeah, they might seem lame and small, but anything you don't feel comfortable sharing openly to the people in your life is a secret.

My husband is out of town. Again. He travels alot for work. And I whine and complain at him that I don't want him to go. But, secretly, deep down, I like it when he's gone. I like that I get a few days to completely let myself and the house go. I didn't do a damn thing today. I didn't shower. I didn't put on a bra. I'm still in my pajamas from last night. I have dried mascara caked under my eyes. I didn't brush my teeth. My laundry is piled to the ceiling, my dishes are stacked sky high. My kids dressed themselves today, and have been walking around with rats nests and yesterday's ice cream on their faces.

And I. Don't. Care!

There, I said it. I don't give a rat's red ass if my house is a disaster area, if you can smell me from a block away, or if my children are running down the street buck naked and screaming.

Obviously, the man in my life is the glue that keeps me and my sanity together. His expectations and standards keep the family going and staying "normal." He cares what the neighbors think of us.

It's very liberating to me to get a little break from our image and cut loose.

What's more?
I fantasize about being a completely different person. I single, younger, skinner version of me with big, perky breasts and no pooches or stretch marks, no crows feet or smile lines. And all the hot guys want me. I fantasize about different romantic encounters (like with Jason Bateman, for instance).

And I wanna know. Is this normal? Am I completely emotionally cheating on my husband? Or do other women fantasize about what could've been, too?

So, do you have a secret?
Please share! (anonymous comments welcome on this one!)


  1. Thanks for the follow. I'm now following your lovely blog.

  2. Funny stuff. I'd say you are completely normal. We all have our own "secrets" that we keep. I don't know if I can outdo yours at the moment but I def. enjoy getting a break from looking all pulled together and like to just chill and be me.

  3. I vote normal. If it has you emotionally withdrawing from your dh, comparing him with your fantasies, then it would be a problem.

    Thanks for swinging by my blog, and leaving a comment!

  4. VERY Normal! Just take it out on your husband, it doesn't matter where you get your appetite lol ;)

    Following from MBC :)

  5. OMG HILARIOUS! (I secretly feel the same way. On all of it.) Thanks for the laugh and the glance into normalcy. I thought it was only me! I'm here from MBC, following you now!

  6. I'm usually pretty good. Until I watch a chick flick, then I secretly escape into the shoes of the main hottest female character of the movie...why do I watch those things!? Following you from MBC, hope to see you at soon!

  7. Following you now from MBC!
    I thought that post was GREAT!!!
    I've done those very things before. I love days where I don't get dressed or brush my teeth or the house gets messy and the laundry can walk on it's own.
    I don't care!
    Glad to know someebody else doesn't either!
    Hope to meet you over at my blog, I'm having a $50.00 gift card to Macy's!
    P.S. Love your blog and your honesty!

  8. I love you blog and am giving you an award! Head on over to my page to check it out.

  9. Love your blog, you are so funny! And totally normal I would say. I could have written this post myself it is so close to how I feel! LOL I am following from MBC...